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  1. DMT Dia-Sharp Steel Sharpeners

    DIA-Sharp Sharpener is the world best diamond sharpening surface. Continuous surface for sharpening edged and pointed tools. Precision-flat and durable. Made in the USA.
  2. Eze Lap Diamond Sharpener

    Eze Lap Diamond Sharpener. Model D5F
  3. Leather Sharpener

    Leather Sharpener for finishing touches.
  4. Sharpening Stone

    Sharpening Stone Description
  5. Spyderco Double Stuff

    Spyderco Ceramic Stones. Spyderco sharpening tools are made of "High Alumina Cermic", a U.S.A made material with the ability to cut any metal known to man. It is formed when alumina particles (synthetic sapphries) are mixed with a ceramic bonding agent. The mixture is shaped and kiln fired at temperatures in excess of 3000°F for up to three days.

    Spyderco ceramics come in three grits - medium, fine and ultra fine - none of which requires lubricants such as oil or water for use. Each grit serves a different purpose in the shapening process. The medium grit stone products a good working edge by efficiently removing steel and reshaping he bevel of a dull cutting tool. The fin grit stone then tightens the scratch pattern, creating a razor-sharp edge. The fine and ultra-fine grit stones are "close celled" (the particles that make them up are very dense) and will show little or no wear over time. The medium grit stones are "open-celled" (particles are less dense) and will wear only slightly over time.

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5 Item(s)